Master Mailbox Marketing With Data-Driven Direct Mail

For the last decade, marketers have touted digital advertising as the greatest thing since sliced bread. More recently however some of it’s weakness have been exposed and buyers are starting to see diminishing returns as more competition jumps on the bandwagon. For this reason, we encourage clients to explore an often overlooked marketing channel in today’s digital world. Direct mail.

Don’t Call It Junk Mail

Before you stop reading, we’re not talking about junkmail. The approach we advocate involves using data to deliver smart, timely and personalized communications. We call it “Data-Driven Direct Mail” and it’s not the typical print and send, mailbox clogging stuff that many people find to be a nuisance. When executed correctly using the right data source, direct mail can not only be well-received, but a cost effective way to drive new business leads. Below we’ll explore a few major areas of differentiation.  

Data Makes The Difference

Everyone has big data these days. It’s readily accessible but often extremely difficult to make actionable. To accomplish this, several systems may need to be combined in order to discover and execute on a marketing opportunity.

In essence, the most successful direct mail campaigns are triggered by some sort of data event (or several) that identifies a person with a specific need for services.

Let’s use an example, a trademark and intellectual property lawyer wants to reach people who own trademarks that will expire soon. Using data acquired from public records, the attorney could find owners and their registered agents with very specific needs for legal services. The “event” in this instance are the notices sent by the trademark office. Other events such as criminal arrests, property transactions, divorces, foreclosures, traffic tickets and even accidents can all be used to power data driven direct mail campaigns. Take a more in depth look at some of our case studies.

Sample Criminal Data File show charges, names, addresses, age, zip, date to be used for personalization.

Personalization – Send The Right Message At The Right Time

Not only does data help ensure mail gets to the right people at the right time, it can also be used to communicate the right message to individuals. With personalization, data is used to build custom tailored messaging ranging from basic examples like using someone’s name or referencing a specific case number. Does it work? You bet.

From the analysis of 330,000 call to actions (in marketing communications) over a six-month period, it was found that personalized CTAs converted 202% better than default versions.” – Hubspot

Here’s an example of how data driven direct mail uses simple personalization to establish a sense of credibility and sets a helpful tone.

Sample Letter

All letters start with the recipient’s name but that’s just the beginning. Other ways to custom tailor communications include mentioning specific criminal charges or case numbers. Mailers can make reference to dates and events to establish credibility and get an official look and feel without misleading potential clients. Want to see more sample letters? Contact us and we’ll send you some to review.


Another component that sets data driven direct mail apart from less sophisticated methods is tracking. There’s always low tech methods like special offers and promo codes. However another great tool to use with your data and personalization is call tracking. We can now see in real time who’s calling, what mail campaign generated the call, then go back and listen to recordings for quality control. A comprehensive dashboard keeps track of everything performance related so you can easily see your return on investment from data driven direct mail.


Acquiring data, sorting through it for marketing opportunities then sending thousands of direct mail pieces per day can be a time consuming task that requires lots of resources. Fortunately, much of the technology portion can be automated. If properly set up, everything from data to delivery can be done without any human resources or intervention.

The Human Element

While choosing a direct mail partner it’s always important to remember that robots will do the heavy lifting, but they can’t take all the credit. Smart and capable humans are needed for many of the responsibilities included in the setup phase. For example in the legal industry, all forms of advertising often must be approved for bar compliance. At SnapLeads, we help clients develop the creative assets and file with their local regulatory agency. Other times we help clients develop their onboard processes after listening to intake calls and analyzing performance data. Human expertise can often make the difference between a direct mail campaign that works and one that flops.


We feel there are several traits that set modern, data-driven direct mail campaigns apart from junkmail. Most importantly they are powered by data to accurately reach the right people at the right time with personalized messages. Processes are automated to create efficiencies and reduce labor. Tracking analytics reduce guess work and definitely measure performance. Finally, they’re set up and monitored by professionals that are constantly looking for ways to improve the way we use the mailbox for marketing.

Are you looking to master the (prospective client’s) mailbox? Let’s talk.


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