Increase New Divorce Case Calls By 30%

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In January 2018, a law firm in Florida was seeking to grow their divorce practice but had trouble reaching potential clients with a need for their services


The firm tapped into SnapLeads’ data-driven marketing tools to identify people named in divorce filings to introduce them to the firm. These people were sent bar-approved letters using SnapLeads’ seamless direct mail system which delivers to only potential clients with a timely need for divorce representation.


During the first six months, the campaign reached 5,890 unique targets in just one Florida county. This drove almost 200 phone calls and 68 qualified leads in the first 180 days through a dedicated phone line with detailed call tracking analytics. The campaign was so successful the firm expanded into two additional counties and as of Jan 2019, SnapLeads provides the firm with 31% of their new divorce-related calls each month.

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