Data-Driven Direct Mail

6 Things To Consider Before Launching A Direct Mail Campaign

Whether you’re a seasoned direct mail pro or a newbie thinking about launching your campaign. Here are a few things to consider before getting started. After years of helping clients…

Data-Driven Direct Mail

Master Mailbox Marketing With Data-Driven Direct Mail

Master Mailbox Marketing With Data-Driven Direct Mail For the last decade, marketers have touted digital advertising as the greatest thing since sliced bread. More recently however some of it’s weakness…

Case Study

Case Study: Family Law Firm Marketing With Data-Direct Mail

Increase New Divorce Case Calls By 30% Click here for the sexy PDF version. THE PROBLEM In January 2018, a law firm in Florida was seeking to grow their divorce…

Case Study

Case Study: Criminal Law Firm Marketing With Data-Driven Direct Mail

CRIMINAL LAW Marketing CASE STUDY Click here for the sexy-pdf version. THE PROBLEM In summer 2017, a Florida criminal law firm was looking for new ways to reach potential clients….

Law Firm Marketing Marketing Data

How Many Criminal Arrests Are There In FL Every Month? | Marketing For Criminal Lawyers

SnapLeads monitors every Florida county’s criminal arrests and maintains those records in our data lake. We can do much more with this data than create fun infographics. At SnapLeads we…

law firm marketing
Law Firm Marketing


Several decades ago, law firm advertising was taboo. Today, many attorneys are feeling the pressure to become marketing pros in order to stay competitive. Unfortunately the legal marketing environment has…