Leveraging big data to find you new clients.

At SnapLeads, we have developed cutting-edge technology to help businesses find and retain clients.

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Data relevant to your business and identify potential clients who have a timely need of your services.


Key contact information for those potential clients to create qualified, actionable leads.


Faster than the competition to those potential clients through our various data-driven marketing services.

Our Data

We monitor data relevant to various legal practices as well as data outside of the law.

Our Marketing Offerings

We are experts at identifying your potential clients and helping you reach them before anyone else can.

Data-Driven Direct Mail

Our tools seamlessly identify people with a timely need for your company’s services and delivers personalized mail to their home address.

Attribution Analytics

Understand where business is coming from with our attribution tools that simultaneously track phone calls and web activity. 

Custom CRM Tools

Custom solutions that enable firms to provide their previous and existing clients with alerts and reminders.

Data Acquisition & Integration

Enterprise level solutions that obtain and organize actionable data.


Our Benefits

SnapLeads services will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your marketing dollars are being well spent.

Turn-Key Automation

Spend your time working cases, not finding them.  All of our services are turn-key and fully automated.

Offense Filtering

Choose only the types of cases/charges that you want to handle.

Address Validation

Reduce return mail and undeliverable email with our advanced validation services.

Performance Analytics

Gauge your campaign performance through comprehensive analytics including: call tracking and recording, delivery tracking, email metrics and conversions.

Bar Compliance

We will handle advertising submissions and ensure compliance with all of your state’s applicable Bar regulations.

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